Campfire Pizza

This is similar to making a BBQ pizza...just over a campfire. You definitely need to be using a fire pit with a grill to rest your pizza pan on. We tried this last summer with a well loved jelly roll pan that we didn't mind getting blackened from the fire.What you need:

Jelly roll pan
toothpicks or broken down bamboo skewers
Something to roll your pizza dough (rolling pin, or other improvisational cylinder)
Cutting board is nice to have
1 whole wheat pizza dough
3-6 TBSP BBQ sauce (commercial or homemade)
sliced button mushrooms
sliced onions
analog pepperoni
daiya 'mozzarella' cheese
...or any other combination of your favorite pizza toppings

Assemble your pizza:
1. Take your pizza dough out of the bag and let rest in a bowl, covered with a towel, for an hour or two to give it a chance to rise.
2. Once risen, or after skipping step one, roll or stretch out your pizza dough (wine bottle anyone?) and transfer onto your pan
3. Pre-bake over the fire for a few minutes
4. Spread BBQ sauce on crust and spread the rest of your ingredients evenly over top.


1. Insert several toothpicks around the edges of your dough to create foil tent. You will want a few inches clearance between the pie and the foil. Wrap the foil over the toothpicks and down the sides. You are essential creating a little mini oven for the pizza to cook in.
2. Bake for approximately 30 minutes until faux-cheese is melty and the dough is cooked through.
3. Remove foil carefully to prevent burning.
4. Enjoy!

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