roasted red pepper wrapped sausages

This recipe simultaneously roasts your red pepper while steaming a tofurkey sausage, adding some extra moisture.

Serves 2

What you need

4 medium red or yellow peppers, halved and seeded (cut away bottoms but not the tops)
2 Tofurkey sausages (we usually go with Italian)

a little olive oil


Cooking method

Over campfire on a grill


1. Use one half of each pepper to create a cradle for the sausage. Keep the 'tops' of the peppers facing outwards so that the cut away bottoms are what is meeting up in the middle.
Place the matching top halves of the peppers on top. You are essentially encasing your sausage within the two peppers.
Do your best to seal in the sausage with the pepper but don't worry about it too much, the foil (step 3) should keep all of the steamy goodness inside.

2. Rub a little olive oil on the outside of your peppers.

3. Wrap in foil.

4. Repeat with other sausage(s).

Cook the foil packs over the fire on a grill, turning occasionally, until you can feel that the pepper is soft.

6. Take off the fire and rest on a plate. Carefully open the foil package to avoid burning by the steam or any hot juices that may have formed. Slip out of the foil and eat with a knife and fork.

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