steamed potato hobo pack

The key to this recipe is the moist paper towel. You can make a pack filled with oil, herbs, garlic and other fancy stuff if you like. But lately we enjoy the amazing flavour of a perfectly steamed potato*. We add all of the dressings after it comes off the fire.
What you need

baby or fingerling potatoes, halved
Cooking method

Over campfire, resting on a grill preferably


1. Prepare your foil pack by laying out your foil on a flat surface

2. Dampen a paper towel or whatever is handy (we use part of a brown paper
LCBO bag)

3. Then lay your potatoes on top of your moistened paper and seal up your foil pack

4. Cook over the fire on a grill until done.

5. Open foil pack carefully to avoid burning. Season your potatoes as you like!

*It might be a bit
but I should say that it is the flavour and texture of local and organic potatoes that are most likely to knock your socks off.

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