Campfire Vegan Featured on Buzzfeed 41 Camping Hacks that are Borderline Genius!!!!

Our grilled polenta cakes recipes makes the list at the number 32 borderline genius hack! Here is the link: camping hacks that are borderline genius

borderline genius?

(also thanks buzzfeed!)

Check back for more posts over the summer. This year we will be cottaging more than camping so expect to see some more bbq recipes! Also I will be trying to update older posts with photos.

Happy summer!


  1. The polenta cakes ARE good. Pre-made and take them to camp - superlative idea.

  2. Love BBQ, it makes our family warmer and happier together.

  3. Precisely how I found you, and glad I did! I look forward to trying your cakes now so I can put them on next summer's camping menu. I also look forward to browsing your other recipes.

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